Development Process

Solid Logic Technology Inc. partners have considerable experience in both software development and business process re-engineering. This unique skill set allows us to identify improvements upon common development processes. We’ve built our careers around the belief that we need to learn something from all software projects – both our successes & failures.

Common Custom Software Development Project Problems:

  • Lack of firm understanding of initial client requirements by the development team
  • Lack of communication throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • Increase in project budget and/or timeline
  • Large changes in requirements and/or scope during the project
  • Significant re-work during the project lifecycle
  • Infrequent client communication & reviews of software
  • Problems Ray Ban Outlet are not communicated High to the client in a timely manner
  • Lack of functionality to support real-time collaboration between remote teams & clients
  • Surprises at the end of the project – ‘Hey – That’s not what I asked for!’
  • High switching costs due to vendor lock-in

Solid Logic Technology Inc. Difference:

  • We develop and collectively agree upon comprehensive, highly detailed software requirements and specifications prior to beginning any replica oakleys development work (coding/programming).
  • We ensure all project related content is stored in a client accessible web-based Enterprise Content Management System with version control, check-in, check-out enabled for all content. This allows clients to have immediate access to all project content. Further, it allows easily identification of the state of any item at any point in time during the project to eliminate scope creep. Client access to this toolset is included Cheap nfl Jerseys for all projects
  • We utilize a Cheap Jordans Sale rigid, documented, Agile based development process supported by leading enterprise-grade project and content management solutions. Client access to this toolset can be provided upon request.
  • We complete all development, prototyping, testing & application launch without procuring physical IT infrastructure through the use of cutting edge cloud computing software.
  • We build all client technology solutions using a scalable, standards based approach on top of leading enterprise applications in order to ensure best practice utilization and cheap jordans online compliance with generally accepted development methods & procedures and programming specifications.
  • We’re so confident in our methods & supporting technology that we utilize the same tools & procedures for clients as we do for our own business.




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