Cloud Computing: User-Generated Video Website

The Improv “Up Yours” cute Comedy Contest


Solid Logic created the IT infrastructure for a virtual comedy contest. The site oakley womens sunglasses allowed participants to upload their videos created on virtually any device. We encoded the video to allow site visitors to be able to play the videos across popular Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses devices – smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc. All infrastructure was operated in a scalable, variable cost basis. 

Business Challenge:

  • Engage comedy fans through social media and gamification
  • Short project timeline
    • Prototype in throwback jerseys less than two weeks for major comedy festival – estimated 250k in attendance
    • Final product launch in two months for local contest
  • Significant uncertainty in project
    • Initial version of contest – no baseline
    • Number of concurrent visitors or location of those visitors
    • Quantity and types/formats of videos uploaded by users
  • Support user video upload, storage and playback across many devices and formats
    • Desktop, mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
  • Support cross-platform mobile app integration

Potential Solutions:

  • Run on existing servers – hope for the best
  • Physical or virtualized servers – requires hardware, software, and specialized Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses labor
  • Setup specialized cloud infrastructure to host site – requires software and specialized labor

Chosen NFL Jerseys Cheap Technology Solution:


  • Elastic load balancer to route traffic
  • Built an optimized web server as virtual image
  • Provisioned and configured centralized, highly-available (9 9’s) storage with content cached across 34 edge locations across globe
  • Static content
  • Videos – uploaded, transcoded, moderated


  • Web application framework
  • Scalable, highly-available, MySQL database
  • Social sign-in and data collection
  • Scalable, usage based video transcoding service – all major devices
  • Cross-platform video player
  • Transactional notification and email service
  • Automated deployment of codebase through master source control (git)


  • Each contestant drove an average of 700 new fans to the site.
  • Collected over 30,000 email addresses and had over 200,000 votes through the website and Facebook.
  • People living in virtually continent in the world participated.
  • 70% returning visitors.
  • Average time on the app or website was over 4 minutes.


CEO and Co-Founder at Solid Logic technology Inc.

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