Michael Bommarito, CIO Solid Logic Technology Inc.

Michael Bommarito

Chief Information Officer

Email: michael.bommarito@solidlogic.com

  • Michael brings over decade of experience working in computing and thrives on challenging, high-energy projects.
  • Michael serves as an executive advisor for a number of startups in the legal and financial tech space.  He is an entrepreneur at heart and brings cheap football jerseys a full spectrum of business and IT expertise to any team.
  • He holds an M.S.E cheap football jerseys in Financial Engineering, M.A. in Political Science, and B.S. in Applied Mathematics, all from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • His professional experience includes: lead researcher at a cheap nfl jerseys quantitative hedge fund, J2EE/Oracle Transportation Management architect at a logistics firm, lead cheap jerseys system administrator and developer for the Center for the Study of Complex Systems.
  • Michael is active in the academic and research space and regularly publishes his work. Some highlights of ray ban sale his work are listed below:
  • algorithmic trading and intraday volatility in Quantitative Finance.
  • network theory applied to tax law in the Virginia Tax Review.
  • graph theory and mathematical legal structures in Physica A.
  • legislation and computational linguistics in the New York Times.
  • analyzing the social interactions of been terrorists in Wired.

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CEO and Co-Founder at Solid Logic technology Inc.

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