1. Looking outside the US is also interesting. The European and Asian OpenStack presence is much more significant.

  2. Tim – Thanks for the comment. I agree with you about Europe and Asia’s importance. We split the market out this way because our target market is the United States, primarily the Midwest.

    In looking at Google Trends for OpenStack globally, it looks like China is the baseline at 100, United States at 34. Google has a much smaller presence in china (17%) vs Baidu (78%) so I checked to see if Baidu had a similar tool to Google Trends. It turns out that they do so I ran a quick report here:


  3. Tim, I’m curious why you did not include vCloud Director from VMWare in your comparison. It’s commercial product and that could a big disadvantage for some users hoping to ride the Open Source wave to the cloud. However, if you already use VMware for virtualization,
    vCloud Director will be the most appropriate choice at the moment. Other than missing vCloud, the article is very insightful. Thanks!

  4. Diane – Thanks for the comment. We did not intentionally leave out vCloud director, it was an oversight. That being said, we have recently heard an increasing number of people questioning the cost and value proposition of VMware over competing products (mainly xen). We are cloud and software agnostic and try to find the right product for the client’s problem. The most important aspect to us is a well designed API to work with, so in that sense I’m pleased to see vCloud integrating with jcloud and libcloud to promote and adhere to some standards:

    Eric Detterman – Founder and CEO, Solid Logic Technology Inc.


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