Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing Benchmarking

Cloud Computing Benchmarking

In order to help clients Wholesale Jerseys determine if Cloud Computing is right for them, we offer a comprehensive suite of benchmarking tools. This toolset allows us to make Oakleys Outlet more informed recommendations to them about what will work best within their business, and not rely on industry hype and buzzwords.

Our Benchmarking Approach

Our approach is a standards based approach where we conduct a series of standardized tests that Cheap Jerseys describe the performance of compute and storage resources in empirical terms. These same tests can be repliated inside a clients own data center to provide cheap nhl jerseys a basis for the comparison. We also booked compare everything in the sense of “what’s the most cost-effective solution” and include a full range of tangible and intangible costs and benefits not cheap China Jerseys found in other sources.

Cloud Benchmarking Report

We’re currently in the final stages of creating a series of comprehensive Cloud Computing benchmarking reports which will cover performance and cost-efficiency of the cloud for common use cases. Sign up below to be notified when the report is complete.

Sign up here to be notified when the benchmarking report is available

Michael Bommarito, CIO Solid Logic Technology Inc.

Michael Bommarito

Chief Information Officer


  • Michael brings over decade of experience working in computing and thrives on challenging, high-energy projects.
  • Michael serves as an executive advisor for a number of startups in the legal and financial tech space.  He is an entrepreneur at heart and brings cheap football jerseys a full spectrum of business and IT expertise to any team.
  • He holds an M.S.E cheap football jerseys in Financial Engineering, M.A. in Political Science, and B.S. in Applied Mathematics, all from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • His professional experience includes: lead researcher at a cheap nfl jerseys quantitative hedge fund, J2EE/Oracle Transportation Management architect at a logistics firm, lead cheap jerseys system administrator and developer for the Center for the Study of Complex Systems.
  • Michael is active in the academic and research space and regularly publishes his work. Some highlights of ray ban sale his work are listed below:
  • algorithmic trading and intraday volatility in Quantitative Finance.
  • network theory applied to tax law in the Virginia Tax Review.
  • graph theory and mathematical legal structures in Physica A.
  • legislation and computational linguistics in the New York Times.
  • analyzing the social interactions of been terrorists in Wired.

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