Cloud Computing Benchmarking

Cloud Computing Benchmarking

In order to help clients determine if Cloud Computing is right for them, we offer a comprehensive suite of benchmarking tools. This toolset allows us to make more informed recommendations to them about what will work best within their business, and not rely on industry hype and buzzwords.

Our Benchmarking Approach

Our approach is a standards based approach where we conduct a series of standardized tests that describe the performance of compute and storage resources in empirical terms. These same tests can be repliated inside a clients own data center to provide a basis for the comparison. We also compare everything in the sense of “what’s the most cost-effective solution” and include a full range of tangible and intangible costs and benefits not found in other sources.

Cloud Benchmarking Report

We’re currently in the final stages of creating a series of comprehensive Cloud Computing benchmarking reports which will cover performance and cost-efficiency of the cloud for common use cases. Sign up below to be notified when the report is complete.

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