Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing Consulting

Cloud Computing Overview

Cloud computing is one of the current IT buzzwords and for good reason – Numerous organizations have used “the cloud” to do things that were previously cost prohibitive or too complex before. Examples include:

  • NASDAQ recently released FinQloud – A Cloud Solution for the Financial Services Industry
  • NASA used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide the infrastructure to stream the videos from the Curiosity rover that landed on Mars.
  • NASA also uses AWS for other complex data processing tasks.

Solid Logic’s Cloud Computing Definition

“Instantly scalable, programmatically-controllable compute, storage, and networking resources.”

While some companies are still wondering “what is cloud computing?” we’re creating solutions for clients to help them improve their agility, response time and cost. We’ve been using these tools since 2006. While we’ve worked with a number of different technologies, we primarily focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud provider  – they’re the clear leader in the segment. We also create private and hybrid cloud solutions. Our expertise covers a wide range of use cases – with a few examples of what we’ve done in the past listed below.

Cloud High Performance Computing

Solid Logic created the AWS cloud infrastructure to test an equity trading system across approximately 7.4 Billion data points. Based on internal estimates, the tests would have taken  1-2 months using existing infrastructure. Using our expertise, we were able to complete the test in 45 hours, at a cost savings of $231k (> 99%) vs purchasing in-house hardware. Case Study here.

User-Generated Video Website

Solid Logic created the AWS cloud infrastructure for an online comedy contest. The site allowed participants to upload their videos created on virtually any device. We encoded the video to allow site visitors to be able to play the videos across popular devices – smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc. All infrastructure was operated in a scalable, variable cost basis. Case Study here.