Company Overview

Solid Logic Technology Incorporated (SLTI) was formed in Birmingham, MI in March 2011. Solid Logic partners have diverse backgrounds and considerable experience across different areas of Information Technology including Software Development, Legal IT, Mortgage Banking IT, Transportation and Logistics, Advanced Technology Development, Quantitative Trading System Development, Business Process Re-Engineering and others.  Their experience crosses many industries including automotive, aerospace, defense & homeland security, consumer sales & service, marketing & call center software, financial and legal services.

Solid Logic uses techniques learned from past experiences and a careful review of the most successful technology companies to design our software development processes in an optimum manner.  We believe there are many excellent software products in the market today that can be combined to provide the best overall functionality in our applications.  To best accomplish this, we strictly adhere to industry accepted standards & practices.  This allows SLTI to be more responsive to software trends and quickly integrate new technologies.

Solid Logic  uses streamlined business and software development processes to dramatically reduce the time, complexity and risk associated with custom software development.  We maintain a scalable and adaptive business model with a team of top professionals that can complete a project on time and on budget.  SLTI’s entire IT infrastructure runs “in the cloud” using multiple service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Services – we have no data center to support for internal or client applications.  These factors allow SLTI to focus on delivering value to client projects.

Solid Logic also has experience in the ‘business’ side of software and technology start-ups. We understand start-ups and technology concepts and will, from time to time, invest in them. If you’ve got an idea to pitch us on – please use the Contact form

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