Custom Development

We solve problems and create opportunities by using technology responsibly.  We specialize in the following areas:

  • Web Server Development – we specialize in back-end web server development using tools such as Java and Microsoft .NET to provide powerful services such as e-commerce, data mining, system integration (financial, accounting, enterprise content management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, telephony services, etc.), analytics, reporting, and document management to web sites.  We started developing server-based solutions in 1996.
  • Enterprise Service Bus Development – we develop solutions that reliably transform information and provide comprehensive message delivery services between disparate systems
  • Document Generation Systems Development – we develop systems that dynamically generate both simple and complex data-driven documents in ad-hoc and large batch processing scenarios.  We specialize in Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Adobe Acrobat Document Generation
  • Document and Content Management Systems Development – we develop complete enterprise document management systems that are used to capture, store, index, search, and retrieve all forms of electronic content using a web based architecture.  We also provide migration, integration, and support services for the leading document and content management systems including MS SharePoint 2010, Alfresco and Global 360.
  • Data Migration and Transformation Services – we provide data transformation services and applications ranging from batch processing of small files to complete migration of very large database management systems.  We specialize in data mapping, transforms, physical data transfer, and verification/validation reporting and analysis.