Engagement Process

We are fanatical about client projects being completed on-time and budget with results that exceed client expectations. Accordingly, we are very selective in the clients and projects that we take on – we will regularly pass on projects if we feel we cannot meet these goals.  A typical Solid Logic Technology Inc. client engagement process can be described as follows:

  • We receive interest from potential client via referral and review all relevant information on their ideas, materials, requirements, prototype, prior version, etc. and determine if the project is feasible and a good fit for our skill set.
  • We develop a detailed quotation for the project including the general system architecture, project phases, estimated timing, required effort and associated client investment for the project.
  • If desired by the client, we promptly develop a proof of concept (POC) and present it for review & approval prior to proceeding further with the project.
  • Upon approval, we finalize project requirements/specifications, architecture and design and review with client
  • We begin the software development process using our Agile development process. Within this process we present incremental versions of software to clients weekly over the web for review & feedback. We immediately notify clients of any problems encountered in an effort to resolve them quickly.
  • We coordinate with the client on launch timing & requirements prior to launching the software into production.
  • We support and improve the product based on client feedback post-launch.