Michigan Lean Startup Conf. Twitter Visualizations

Today I am out at the Michigan Lean Startup Conference in Grand Rapids, MI. The conference is put on by Momentum…catch us on Twitter @solidlogictech

Our new CIO, Michael Bommarito, created a couple quick visualizations of the activity of the Twitter hashtag for the conference #leanstartupmi. We used a combination of Python and R code to do this. We’ll update the charts after the conference concludes.

Here they are:

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Big Data: Wall Street & Technology Article


‘Big Data’ holds big promise for Wall Street (and everyone else), but also comes with some complications and steep learning curve and a very tight labor market for people with these skills.

SLTI Commentary:

There are a lot of lessons that can be transferred from Wall Street firms into other industries. Of course the subject matter is going to be different, but the methods used to pull actionable outcomes or architect a technology solution are not all that different.  The challenge we see a lot of companies facing is how to get started down an analytical path. This is a daunting task since all of the talk in the industry is around functionality and feature sets Learn More. The tools available are very capable, but are generally racing ahead of the buyer’s ability to internalize the changes the tools and metrics recommend.