Web Development

We specialize in developing both internal & public facing web solutions using leading content management systems (CMS) or leading development frameworks as a foundation to build upon. These solutions allow the client to administer site content and changes with or without an outside development firm’s involvement.For Content Management Systems, we typically use WordPress or Drupal based systems. For more complex sites and applications we use a leading PHP framework that allows for more customization than a typical CMS based site without the added complexity and cost of starting from ‘scratch’.

We have experience in integrating popular Web 2.0 technologies such as the following Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, 500px, Flickr, Instagram and others. We also have experience in Video encoding, hosting and cross-platform playback.

We also develop 100% custom web applications. We have experience across multiple platforms including PHP/MySQL, Oracle, C#, Java and many other development environments.