Solid Logic Technology Inc.
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Custom Software Development

Tailored solutions to address your unique business needs and drive growth.
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Web Application Development

Building robust web applications that enhance user experience and optimize performance.

About Solid Logic Technology Inc.

Solid Logic Technology was founded in 2011 and is based in Birmingham, MI. Solid Logic develops innovative, complex custom software applications and cloud infrastructure solutions for ourselves and external customers.

Our experience spans various industries, with a core focus on FinTech, Capital Markets, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, our FinTech experience centers on payments, trading, asset management, and risk management.

The Solid Logic team are engineers and product development experts at heart who have built, operated, and scaled multiple technology applications across numerous industries.

Our team comprises multi-disciplinary individuals who can increase speed to market and are more cost-effective than staffing using internal employees or outside consultants, with less risk. We have experience across all core technology business functions and can add value in various areas.

The Solid Logic team includes experienced technology entrepreneurs who have founded and managed multiple technology companies that have successfully raised outside capital and been acquired. Simply put, we know what choices to make and what to do to maximize Enterprise Value (EV).

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