Event: Amazon Web Services AWS Michigan Meetup 12/11/2012

Tomorrow (12/11/2012) we’ll be out at the monthly AWS Michigan meetup in Ann Arbor.  Jamie and Michael from RightBrain Networks will be presenting on some of things they’ve learned from their experiences running scalable WordPress sites on Amazon Web Services (AWS). They’ll also be talking about some of the things they learned from AWS re:Invent for those of us not lucky enough to attend.

If you’re interested in Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Public Cloud, Private Cloud, OpenStack and other technologies and want to meet other people that are as well, check out the group – http://www.awsmichigan.org.

Event: AWS Michigan Meetup

Event Date: Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 @ 7:00pm

More info: http://www.awsmichigan.org/events/94452352/

Eric Detterman
Interested in Web Applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Quantitative Trading Systems, and more. Owner of an awesome St. Bernard named Barnaby.
Eric Detterman
Eric Detterman